Exceptional wines capture the depth and true essence of exceptional vineyards. All of our grapes are estate grown in the Lodi Appellation which reflects the character and richness of this unique territory. Peltier wines are hand-crafted by winemaker, Susy Rodriguez Vasquez. Each varietal and vintage showcases the dedication of artistry in every bottle. All of the grapes for our wines are chosen from only the finest blocks in the Schatz Family vineyards. True to varietal characteristics, our wines exhibit quality and excellence in each bottle.

HYBRID: hy·brid is a revolutionary product that combines highly advanced technology with environmentally sustainable winegrowing principles. hy·brid is about taking away unnecessary elements to produce a good wine that anyone can enjoy. Part of hy·brid’s purpose is to show the benefits of blending varietals to enhance quality.


Pinot Grigio – Aromas of ripe citrus and mellow summer fruits, followed by a snappy mid-palate and a bright, vibrantly acidic finish.

Chardonnay – This un-oaked Chardonnay is enhanced with a Viognier to showcase the tropical notes of fresh pineapple and kiwi.


Petite Sirah – Loaded with berry flavors and aromas which enhance the earthy middle body with a rich silky finish.

Pinot Noir – Displays intense black cherry flavors with juicy plum undertones. Medium body tannins finish into a savory cherry chocolate liqueur.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Rich velvet hue with savory smoky caramel notes and hints of tasty dark chocolate raspberry linger at the finish.

IT IS WHAT IT IS:  We also serve a great tasting red blend an white blend by Peltier Winery.



Wine tastings are all the rage right now and have been for years.  If you are a local or regional winery and you would like us to set up a tasting event, please use our contact form to reach us; attention Todd or Eric.